September 25, 2008

Covering West Coast Green, Live

Live blogging at West Coast Green is an endurance event; and day one has gone well.
We started the day with a good breakfast - baked yams, and black tea. Lunch was tuna with tortilla chips, gluten-free cornbread with cheese, and a nectarine. At the conference, we carried Clif Bars and Mojos just in case, and re-usable water bottles. Bananas and Dagoba chocolate kindly set out to share in the press room held me over til dinner; but my blood sugar did dip by 6:30 pm when the last sessions wound down and the tradeshow floor closed.

For dinner, we restored ourselves at McCormick and Schmicks, a few blocks walk from the San Jose Conference Center. Lots of fresh fish well-prepared, with plenty of veggies. Skipping dessert would have been a good idea; but we were celebrating a fabulous day.

West Coast Green, while billed as a green building event, is really more about sustainable development overall than simply the construction aspect. The imperative of a healthy food system is by no means ignored by the designers, policy makers and other professionals, and activists. When we've consumed as much of this amazing buffet as we can, there will be lots to digest for months to come.

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